Saturday, 11 December 2010


As real concrete cuts are revealed and their effects are felt, campaigns will spring up across the country. MAC will be able to offer support for these campaigns and link them together into a general anti-cuts movement. MAC will play the role of a steering group, elected to reflect all organisations and campaigns fighting the cuts. MAC will have a delegate-based structure, which will grow as campaigns develop. We will ask each organization to send delegates to each of our steering group meetings. Each delegate will have full voting rights in steering group meetings and every decision will be voted upon. To reflect the need to incorporate individuals into the steering group, we will offer an ‘individual delegate’ system, where individuals can affiliate to the campaign and have full delegate rights. Each individual delegate will be asked for an affiliation fee in the same way as we would ask supporting organizations.

We will: 
  • Fight all cuts and privatisation in public services that have a detrimental effect on the lives of ordinary people.
  • Support all action against cuts and attacks on pay, pensions and working conditions.
  • Support the TUC’s policy of Just Transition.
  • To help coordinate campaigns and action against cuts and privatisation.
  • To present an alternative to the cuts agenda in our material and from our platforms.
  • To offer practical solidarity to all workers forced to take industrial action.
All elected officers and representatives of MAC should stand for and defend the principles outlined in this programme. From contributors to our material, speakers from our platforms and in interviews with the press, MAC will offer a united alternative to all cuts and support all genuine campaigning organisations.

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